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Kirimanku: Package Tracking & Shimpent Fee Calculator

Package Tracking & Shimpent Fee Calculator






Backend Development


The challenge at hand is to develop a lightweight Android app capable of efficiently tracking packages shipped through Indonesia's popular courier companies, such as POS, JNT, and JNE. Additionally, the app must offer a shipment fee calculation feature to provide users with real-time cost estimates for their shipments. The primary objective is to create a user-friendly and reliable tracking solution that simplifies package monitoring and facilitates quick and accurate shipment fee calculations.


To address this challenge, our skilled Android development team will focus on building an intuitive and feature-rich app tailored to the needs of package tracking and shipment fee estimation. The app's backend will be integrated with APIs from various courier companies to access real-time tracking data. A clean and responsive user interface will be designed, allowing users to effortlessly input their package details and track shipments from any of the popular courier services.

The tracking feature will provide users with regular updates on their packages' whereabouts, including real-time status updates and estimated delivery times. By utilizing push notifications, users will receive timely alerts about their package's progress, ensuring an optimal tracking experience.

To enhance user convenience, the shipment fee calculation feature will be integrated seamlessly into the app. Users can enter shipment details such as weight, dimensions, and destination, and the app will compute the accurate shipment fee based on the courier company's pricing structure.

For security and privacy, the app will implement encryption protocols to safeguard user data, ensuring that personal information and package details remain confidential.


The successful development and deployment of the lightweight Android app will yield remarkable results for both users and the app's stakeholders. Users will benefit from a hassle-free package tracking experience, allowing them to monitor their shipments conveniently and stay informed about their packages' delivery status.

The ability to calculate shipment fees in real-time will empower users to make informed decisions about their shipping options, leading to cost-effective choices and enhanced customer satisfaction.

As a result of the app's efficiency and user-friendly design, positive word-of-mouth and app reviews will contribute to its organic growth. Increased user engagement and retention rates will position the app as a go-to solution for package tracking and shipment fee estimation in Indonesia's courier market.

For stakeholders, the app's popularity will translate into a broader user base, presenting opportunities for potential partnerships with courier companies or related services. Additionally, the app's success may lead to monetization possibilities through in-app advertising or premium features, benefiting the app's stakeholders further.

Overall, the lightweight package tracking and shipment fee calculation app will establish itself as a valuable tool for users, providing convenience and efficiency in managing their shipments while positioning itself as a reliable and sought-after solution in the Indonesian market.

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